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When to go to Trancoso

With sunshine all year, there is no wrong time to visit Trancoso. But if you want to enjoy practically deserted beaches, the best option is to stay in the city in the low season, avoiding the hustle and bustle of young people seeking fun in beach clubs.


For those who want to experience a unique cultural experience, the right time to go to Trancoso is in March, when the Music Festival takes place. The festival brings together icons of classical music, Jazz, and Bossa Nova, among others, all happening in one of the most beautiful theaters in Brazil, the L'Occitane Theater. It is a grand spectacle of music, natural beauty, and incredible architecture.


For New Year's Eve, the city is full of young people and families seeking the refinement of New Year's Eve parties. With the guarantee of fun, Trancoso became even more famous after artists and celebrities chose the city as the primary spot for end-of-year parties, showing off the luxurious lodges and famous clubs. But don't worry! Despite the glamour, there are several viable options with the best prices to have as much fun in the city.


Remember that: in all seasons, especially for Music in Trancoso and New Year's Eve, to avoid any problems, it is best to consult your travel agency and book your hotel, airfare, and transfer to the city in advance.

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