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Tips for Trancoso

• Although it is a highly sought-after destination, Trancoso does not offer a banking system with many options for withdrawals or other operations. So, reserve a sum to carry in cash, despite the city’s high acceptance of cards.

• During the high season, the city gets very crowded, so make plans ahead to be able to choose with greater comfort and get the best prices.

• If you’ll travel by plane, schedule your transfer from Trancoso to Porto Seguro in advance. Planning your tours and transfers upfront brings greater security and convenience to your vacation.

• Smile! You are in Bahia! In other words, it's hot! Stay hydrated and regularly use sunscreen during your stay. Even on days with milder weather, you should maintain health precautions.

• The city has supermarket chains and pharmacies that can serve you during your stay there.

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